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Data Breach Insurance

Data Breach Liability Insurance

How secure is your company data? What about the information you receive from customers? When you do business online, keep client information on a computer or take credit cards, your Wyoming Valley business becomes vulnerable to worldwide threats. Of course, you can’t operate a business these days without some form of cyber risk, and that’s why Robert J. Bertram & Sons Insurance offers data breach and cyber liability protection to area businesses.

Customizable Data Loss Protection

While it’s true that the best insurance is the insurance you don’t have to use, there’s little worse than needing insurance coverage you don’t have. All businesses have some form of cyber risk, and many insurance carriers no longer provide basic cyber liability coverage and data loss protection in a general liability policy. The risk has become too great.

The insurance professionals at Robert J. Bertram & Sons Insurance can help. To learn more about your risks and ways to protect your company, your employees and your customers, schedule a free risk assessment with us. We’ll help you evaluate the extent of your cyber risk. Then we’ll recommend a data loss protection package to address those risks.

Policies to Meet Your Needs

Naturally, not all businesses face the same data breach liability risks. Through our network of reliable insurance carriers, we offer a full range of data protection and cyber liability insurance packages. You can choose a variety of limits and deductibles to meet your business needs. Popular policy options available at Robert J. Bertram & Sons Insurance include

  • Basic data breach protection including basic cyber protection as well as protection against the loss or theft of paper records
  • Extended data breach protection including coverage of extensive networks as well as communications and media
  • Broad customized cyber liability protection for IT firms and online marketers that manage client social media accounts

Don’t gamble with critical information. No matter your company’s size, you need data breach liability insurance. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.